Happy International Coffee Day!

To celebrate the international day of coffee, we prepared a little tutorial on how to make a very simple coaster for your favourite mug or cup, without using a ruler or any other measuring tools outside LightBurn Software. Just capture the laser bed with your container on it, and follow the next steps!




This little cup is looking for a coaster!

To start the project, make sure your LightBurn Camera is up and running. If you are having trouble with your Camera, check out our related support page!



Capture an overlay of the laserbed using your LightBurn Camera. You can do this on the right side of the software, using "Camera Control" and then by selecting "Update Overlay".



Once this is done, pick a starting shape for your coaster. You can now see the measurements on the top left corner once there is a shape drawn around your cup or mug. Adjust these values to the desired size. You can make any shape more complex by welding other shapes together or by intersecting them: up to you! Be creative, or at the very least: have fun!



For our example project, we chose a simple circle outline. Then we added some fun graphics and text using some interesting fonts! You can easily add artwork by dropping some files into LightBurn, either already vectorised ones or raster format images: if the artwork allows, the latter should be traced for a more efficient engraving flow. We took some coffee cup and coffee bean files from Freepik.com for this project, and a fun font through Dafont.



Trace away!



When you are satisfied with your coaster design, set up your layers and check if the size you input is sufficient for your needs.



Let's get to laser cutting!



You can download the project files here!


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Happy making!