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5MP Lightburn Camera
8MP Lightburn Camera 

Tip: The 90 Degree camera is a bit different than the other cameras we offer. In order to adjust the focus, use a toothpick or a cocktail stick on the inner ridges. You can also use a tiny screwdriver, but be very gentle to avoid damaging the device.


Use the LightBurn Camera to: 

  • Position Designs onto materials 
  • Trace simple shapes & artwork

How the LightBurn Camera works: 

  1. Camera is set in a fixed position over the work area
  2. Camera takes a photograph of the work area
  3. Photograph is overlaid onto the virtual work area in the LightBurn software

Setting up your LightBurn Camera: 

  • Ensure the LightBurn Camera is mounted high enough to capture an image of all or most of your laser cutter’s working area
  • You may need to mount the LightBurn Camera on the lid of your laser cutter/engraver to achieve a suitable repeatable height above your working area
  • Secure the LightBurn Camera's USB cable carefully to ensure it does not snag on moving parts of your laser cutter/engraver
  • LightBurn Camera is not used during the cut/engraving operation


The LightBurn Camera offers limited application for live monitoring of your cutter if the camera is mounted for use with the laser cutter's/engraver's enclosure in the safe/closed configuration. 

As general advice, you should never operate your laser cutter/engraver remotely.

ALWAYS ensure you are attendant with your machinery during its operation. To leave your laser cutter or engraver operating without attention is to invite the risk of fire.
The LightBurn Camera should not be used to operate your laser cutter remotely.


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5MP Lightburn Camera
8MP Lightburn Camera 

Enclosure for your Lightburn Camera can be found here!

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Check out these videos from Lightburn about the Camera for more knowledge: