About Us

What is Smoke & Mirrors?

Smoke & Mirrors is a UK based online store and online community dedicated to providing quality laser cutter consumables, upgrades and spares and CO2 laser cutters. We import the best spare parts, test them in the UK and provide timely shipping. At Smoke & Mirrors, we understand the importance of keeping your laser cutter up and running and the reassurance of having quality consumable parts on-hand with no-nonsense.  

Who are Smoke & Mirrors? 

Smoke & Mirrors is a trading name of Pangolini Ltd a UK VAT registered Limited Company. Dominic Morrow is the executive director of Pangolini Ltd and is the founder of Smoke & Mirrors.

In addition to administrative management of the company, Dominic Morrow works as an onsite engineer, trainer and advisor in all matters related to CO2 laser cutters. 

Smoke & Mirrors also trains and provides Associate Engineers around the UK with 2nd level support, administrative services, spares, knowledge base and insurance, ensuring that our customers receive the highest level of service and support to keep their laser cutters running effectively and with a local engineer who has access to wide network of logistical and knowledge base support.

Where do you buy your laser tubes and other consumables?

We buy our laser spares from the most prestigious suppliers, usually in the PRC. With hands-on and practical experience of repairing, servicing and supporting laser cutters over many years, Smoke & Mirrors has the experience and knowledge to ensure that spare parts and consumables are sourced from the best suppliers in the industry at the right prices.  

What does Smoke & Mirrors aim to achieve?

We believe that CO2 laser cutting should be accessible to all creatives and not just geeky engineers. We understand that a CO2 laser cutter is a powerful, but often mysterious and scary tool. By providing a "no stupid questions" non-gatekeeper'ed community, videos and tutorials we make laser cutting accessible to everyone. We aim to help promote the work of those using laser cutters at the highest level in the UK and around the world, forging their own creative practices and small businesses. From the custom jewellery maker, to the table-top game developer, magician's assistant, architectural model maker to the rapid prototyper and beyond. We're less interested in geeking out over the technology than we are in what amazing things our customers can make! 

What about Just Add Sharks Ltd?

Just Add Sharks Ltd closed due to issues with the timely and cost-effective supply of CO2 laser cutting equipment. G Weike, the Just Add Sharks Ltd supplier changed their standard of stock in 2018 leaving Just Add Sharks Ltd with no reliable equipment supplier for larger machines. Pangolini Ltd (Smoke & Mirrors parent company) is committed to providing service and support to all former customers of Just Add Sharks Ltd during their warranty period and beyond. Pangolini Ltd has developed a relationship with another UK Laser Cutter supplier in order to provide a recommendation for the supply of large CO2 laser cutting equipment. 

Smoke & Mirrors and SmokeandMirrors.store is a trading name of Pangolini Ltd. 

Pangolini Ltd is UK VAT registered company:

UK Registered Company No: 10739956

UK VAT Registered Company No: GB272089101

Meet the team:

Who is Dominic Morrow?

Dominic Morrow BSc (Hons) is the founder of Pangolini Ltd, a Nottingham, UK based company. The portfolio of Pangolini Ltd includes Smoke & Mirrors laser spares, servicing, training and repair event organisation and community patronage and support for makers. Dominic is an experienced laser cutter user and support technician, the co-founder of the Nottingham Hackspace and an advocate of the maker movement.