Repair & Service


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We specialise in providing repair* and service on-site for most types of CO2 laser cutter especially economical/lower cost Chinese made cutters.

* We may refuse repair work on any machine that has not had a service visit from us in the last 12 months. 

We can also provide a setup and training service on equipment purchased online via eBay or AliExpress etc. Prices start at £70 plus VAT per hour plus any travel/milage charges to your location.

Please provide us with as much information as possible including pictures. We're happy to provide any help and support we can remotely via our online community or via email. 

We have a phone number - 0115 871 4088*

however the best way to reach us is to email




Labour: £70 plus VAT per hour for servicing or task-based quotes available via email. This cost is based on a minimum of one hour charged per visit.

Callout: We are based in Greater Nottingham, and will attend in the following postcodes areas: 

NG1 NG2 NG3 NG4 NG5 NG6 NG7 & NG8

Beyond Nottingham we can provide a quote for call out. 

Please use the contact form below for a quote.  We can not guarantee any fix, all service visits are chargeable even when a fix can not be achieved.

We encourage customers to try to find support locally for their laser cutter. Travel time is very expensive and time consuming.

*Generally support via telephone is for initial assessment and advise and is not provided as ongoing self-service support - email with lots of detail and photographs is the best way to get a good quote.