Smoke & Mirrors GL690 80W CO2 Laser Cutter

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The BL690 CO2 Laser Cutter is ideal for manufacturing, schools and workshops alike, it provides a large working area approx equivalent to A1 paper. 

Drop us an email for a quote with delivery!

The BL690 80W Laser Cutter ships with the Ruida 6442G and is ready to use with Lightburn for laser software (or RDWorks based on preference). 

Drop us an email for a quote with delivery!

GL690 A1 Laser Cutter is a highly capable machine suitable for small industrial and manufacturing applications, larger workshop, schools, colleges and Universities, R&D, prototyping houses as well as Maker and Hackerspaces.


  • Internal Cooling S&A CW3000 ambient chiller
  • Air Assistance
  • Filtration options available on request
  • Flat UK Delivery Fee
  • Power Z axis work table
  • Honeycomb work bed
  • 63.5mm Focal Length ZnSe lens 
  • RDWorks Software (suitable for Lightburn Laser)
  • Auto Focus Lens Assembly
  • Fully interlocked safety on all doors
  • Internal air assistance and cooling
  • Bed-size cutting area 900mm x 600mm (slightly reduced for etching)
  • External Length 1.48m x Height 1.1m x Width 1.15m
  • Machine Weight 300Kg (600lbs - weight of 4 men)

Support, training, servicing and repair on this machine are quoted separately. Machine has a one year manufacturer's warranty. Machine is sold subject to terms and conditions. This laser cutter is CE marked by the manufacturer. 

Item does not include shipping. UK ONLY!

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