BEAM-E - Operation basics

This page explains briefly the basic operation features of the BEAM-E laser cutter. You can find the text as PDF here as well.


Control Panel


1) Emergency stop
To start up the machine from an OFF state, twist the red knob anti-clockwise. This same button is used to shut down the machine.

2) Laser Power ON/OFF
This green button controls the power of the laser tube, press it in for ON state. With ON state, the laser will not use the power of the laser tube.

3) Reset
Resets the RUIDA control panel, makes the laser head return to the programmed origin point, then returns to the user defined origin point once the reset process is finished.

4) Start/Pause
Starts or pauses the current job.

5) Origin
Stops the current job and resets to user origin.

6) ESC
Leaves the currently open menu item in the controller

7) Enter
Navigation button within the menu. Accept selected options with Enter.

8) Menu
Opens the controller’s menu.

9) Origin
Sets the user’s origin for the current job inside the controller. If the origin is set by the user within LightBurn, that origin will be used instead regardless of what is chose on on the control panel.

10) Frame
Draws the frame of the currently selected job over the workbed.

11) Pulse
Fires the laser for as long as the button is pressed. Use for testing during alignment check and tube health checks.

12) Selection pad + "FN"
“FN” opens up editable input fields inside the menu. Navigate by using the arrow keys

Work Table Adjustment Panel

13) Work table adjustment UP
Rises the work table level.

14) Work table adjustment DOWN
Lowers the work table level.

Input Panel

15) USB Camera input
Input slot for LightBurn Camera, or for Raspberry Pi device.

16) USB Cable input
Input slot for a USB cable to be used for file transfer between the controller and your computer device.

17) Ethernet input
Input slot for an ethernet cable for LAN file transfer, or for Raspberry Pi device.