Economy ZnSe Focus Lens 63.5mm (2.5") Focal Length 20mm OD 3mm thickness

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These are double sided anti-reflection coated focusing lenses for 10.6uM laser engravers and cutters. The material is Zinc Selenide ZnSe and the lens is positive meniscus, they have a focal length of 63.5mm or 2.5 inches which is generally the standard focal length on most Chinese larger laser cutters from 60W to 120W with cutting areas of 900mm or greater.

They differ from more expensive lenses in that they are unbranded and made in China.

They are packed in a hard case and include a lens cleaning cloth.

The item is supplied with free shipping in the UK.

Including the following models: 

JAS Silvertail A0, JAS Whitetooth A1, LASERSCRIPT machines over 60W