Vomit Comic Robot

Selling high-quality prints of his randomly generated comic strips at a comic and zine show, Cadin Batrack wanted an interactive way of demonstrating the dynamic nature of the comics; and so the Vomit Comic Robot was born.

Vomit Comic Robot by Cadin Batrack

The adorable exterior was laser cut out of plywood, before being stained with yellow fabric dye, and coffee grounds for the arms. To add detail, he applied text and other decorations by first printing everything out with a toner-based printer and transferring to the wood with an acetone based colourless blender marker. Nestled inside the case in a Raspberry Pi 3 running the software, and a thermal printer.

You can read more about the Vomit Comic Robot on Reddit and Imgur, where he has kindly shared the build details and software.

Cadin Batrack is an interaction designer and developer with a background in graphic design, motion graphics and game development. He is also the author of the daily I'm Doing My Best comics and The Everyday Tales of Walter Hale. You can follow him on Instagram.