Need to prepare a wooden box quick? Look no further!

Imagine yourself in the following situation... 

You are about to prepare packagings for your new incoming orders, but you don't want to use a standard cardboard box. You also own or have access to a laser cutter, but don't have the time to spend hours and hours on designing the layout for the box file from scratch. The solution: a handy open source file generator!

Florian Festi has been developiong a tool that can save you all those hours, namely Who wouldn’t want to have a platform to easily cut useful boxes of a hundred kinds?!

In this article we are going to show how the tool works with a basic Two Pieces box, generated via the platform. We added the logo to the file after it was generated; this can be done with any vector graphics software of your choice. Make sure that your graphics are oriented properly and have been added to the correct side, otherwise you might get an upside-down logo, and will need to cut and engrave that single piece again.

Stay tuned for upcoming articles of this series, in which we introduce different smart solutions of easy-made boxes, tips and tricks!


Before you get started with generating the files, get familiar with the settings. It is important that you set everything in a way that it makes sense with the materials and tools you have available, otherwise you might end up with something that simply does not close well, it has gaps or is being too tight.