Turn Your Off-cuts Into Display Pieces

Do you ever find yourself wondering what to do with all of those off-cuts after you've finished your latest projects? They're often too small or awkwardly shaped to fit anything else into them, and unless you're mass producing at a large scale it can be tricky to find a recycling service for any acrylic off-cuts. Often when you've laser cut your project it can leave behind some pretty interesting off-cuts with unique tesselating patterns or a deconstructed view of your models. These off-cuts can be utilised as displays and wall hangings - perfect for your shop, workshop, or even just to put up at home!

Offcut Art From Your Laser Cutter - Kitronik

All you need to make your own is your acrylic off-cuts, a backing sheet of the same size and some poly cement. Simply drill 2 holes into your backing sheet, screw a screw into each hole and stick the two pieces together using the poly cement. Once set, tie some string around the screws and hang your work. If you wanted to make a wood version, just use PVA wood glue instead! Kitronik walks you through the entire process over on their website. If you're fortunate enough to have access to a shredding machine then Kitronik also has a couple more suggestions on how to recycle your acrylic.