Tiffany Tseng's Collection of SVG Making Tools

We've featured Tiffany Tseng's useful stencil font maker on the blog before, but that's not the only handy tool she's created to help make laser cutting easier! Today, we thought it would be nice to give you a handy little roundup of them all:

1. Stencilfy


This tool allows you to upload any font and turn it into a stencil, for better laser cutting.

2. Box Maker

Box Maker

This box maker lets you upload your STL files to create a perfectly sized gift box for your 3D printed projects. You can also manually enter your own dimensions - very useful!

3. Paper House Designer

Paper House Designer

This tool lets you customise some simple paper craft houses, should you need them for any upcoming projects (hello there Christmas diorama with LED tea lights!).

4. SVG Tracer

SVG Tracer

Upload a PNG diagram and convert it into an SVG. This tool has been designed to differentiate between solid and dashed lines, creating separate paths for each.

Tiffany Tseng is a designer & engineer who designs tools for making. You can follow her on Twitter and Medium.