The Lightburn Camera

For a long time we've been a big UK based proponent of the excellent laser cutter software called Lightburn. This feature packed software is not only intuitive to use, but has a great community of enthusiasts and supporters providing helpful tutorials, documentation, tips and trick on its forum. 

The Lightburn Camera shown in its 3D printed housing, now available in the UK from Smoke & Mirrors store, with fast UK shipping. 

We now offer stock of the official Lightburn camera here in the UK (the same as is offered on the official Lightburn store but shipped from our Nottingham, UK HQ). Currently we offer the 5mp 120 degree camera, which is the most commonly used for bed sizes from 300mm long to 900mm long. 

The camera is useful performing the following tasks. 

1. Positioning your artwork onto your work piece 

Use the Lightburn camera to capture a calibrated overlay of your laser cutter's work bed. Then simply open your artwork into Lightburn and drag and drop your objects onto the picture of the workpiece. This is a great feature if you need to put your artwork in one specific place on the workpiece, or for using up all those bits of scrap material. 



Here we place the Smoke & Mirrors logo onto the handle of a wooden spatula, ready for engraving!  

2. Trace a shape

Use the Lightburn camera to capture a shape or even marker pen drawing, using highly configurable trace functionality, that shape can be instantly changed into a cutting or engraving path. 


Using the trace function and the Lightburn camera to exactly cut out the printing on the side of a cardboard box. 


Here you can see the result on the workpiece! 

We made a short video of this process for our Instagram feed: 


At Smoke & Mirrors here in the UK, we've been using Lightburn cameras for a while on refurbished and upgraded machines, soon we'll be bringing a modern 600mm by 400mm bed cutter to our range which will include Lightburn Software as standard and the Lightburn camera included in the price for our UK customers.