Easter Project to Download

Easter is just around the corner! Have you thought about making any fun decorations yet? How about a small "Surprise Nest" with friendly animals, which you can easily laser cut and engrave yourself at home?

We made a Surprise Nest template that you can use, find the files here. Add some fake grass (or shredded paper, like we did), perhaps other colourful bits like feathers, pompoms, chocolate, other sweets - and voilà! 

If you use shredded paper, it's easy to dye them with either watercolour paint, acrylics or even the colourant for eggs. See more pictures of the box below.

The box template we used as base has been generated through Boxes.py, the platform that we covered in our previous article. Here is the page for the generator: RegularBox.

Have fun, and happy Easter holidays! 

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