Recycling Plastic

Looking for a way to affordably recycle the abundance of plastic in maker environments, Agustin Flowalistik has been working on turning PLA remnants into flat sheets to use in laser cutting projects.

Plastic Smoothie - recycling 3D printing filaments and models

Keeping accessibility and affordability in mind, the main products used are a blender and mini oven - although it is also suggested to try a meat grinder instead of a blender. The basic premise is to simply shred your PLA, bake in the mini oven, and then press into an even, flat sheet.

This is a very interesting project, and is certainly an interesting way to tackle the sizeable amount of plastic waste that can be produced in maker spaces. You can read all about this project on Instructables, and we're looking forward to seeing the progress that stage 2 brings! You can also follow Agustin on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.