Mini Disc Sander

Cut Transform Glue was going through their junk drawer when they happened upon a little 19V motor; and remembering that they've always wanted a disc sander, they figured it was the perfect time to make one.

Mini disc sander by Cut Transform Glue

Laser cut from 3mm MDF, the design features a living hinge for both style and function - it serves as ventilation for the motor. The case is screwed together to allow easy access should he ever need to repair it, and the sandpaper is attached to the disc by double-sided tape for easy replacement.

 This is a super functional (and cute!) prototype, giving Cut Transform Glue a great jumping off point to make a full-sized version at a later date. Check out the build video to see how it was made. If you want to make your own, he has also provided all of the files over on Thingiverse. You can follow Cut Transform Glue on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram to see more of his projects.