Levitating Diamonds With Lasers

Professional mad scientist Styropyro has recently returned to youtube with a slew of new laser related content, the most interesting of which is perhaps his demonstrating the use of lasers to levitate diamonds.

 The most surprising thing about this project is how cheap and easy it would be to recreate at home using a diode from a DVD drive and some synthetic diamond dust. He delves right into the science of how this all works in the video, which is definitely a must watch. If you plan to try this out at home, do as Styropyro and wear suitable eye protection at all times!

 Drake Anthony, a.k.a. Styropyro is a professional mad scientist who has been demonstrating the power of lasers for over a decade. You can watch all of his videos on his Youtube channel, and keep up with his latest exploits on both Instagram and Twitter.

[Via Hackaday]

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