Laser Lathe

This here is the Laser Lathe, otherwise known as the Cylindrical Co-ordinate CNC Machine, the brainchild of Austin Steingrube.

The Laser Lathe by Austin Steingrube

Custom built using a 1.5W laser diode and running on an Arduino Uno, the laser lathe is able to etch wooden dowel up to 1.2m in length. For safety, he installed some laser shielding from J Tech Photonics - which shields your eyes from the laser beam. It's very important to note that until the laser lather is fully enclosed, it's not fully safe to use. When embarking on any laser projects, it's important to wear proper safety goggles.

 Watch the video to learn more about how it was made and watch it in action. We're looking forward to seeing the full write up over at Austin's blog fox_robotics. You can subscribe to Austin on Twitter and YouTube to see more of his projects.