Laser Cut Game Boy

Not one to do things by halves, The Beardless Man's first ever laser cut project was a scale replica of a Nintendo Game Boy with interchangeable game cartridge dioramas.

Laser Cut Gameboy Instructable

Starting with the measurements of a Game Boy cartridge and console, He then worked out how many layers of 3mm plywood it would take to make each element and set to work drawing the individual parts. Where possible, he found images online and used Inkscapes "trace bitmap" to create vector paths.

Laser Cut Gameboy Instructable

Initially, whilst the cartridge was interchangeable, the diorama was fixed in the Game Boy. After a suggestion from a follower, he then altered the models so that the diorama would be attached to the cartridge. At this point, he also laser cut some acrylic jigs to help with keeping all the pieces properly aligned during the glue up.


This is an amazing project, made all the more impressive as it was also his first! You can read all about the project on the Instructable, where he walks you through the process to create your own. To see more from The Beardless Man, you can follow him on Youtube, FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.