Kitronik Christmas Fair

Are you feeling a little lacking in the DIY Christmas decorations department? Kitronik have you covered this year with their Christmas Fair display, all powered with the All-in-one Robotics Board for BBC micro:bit!


Kitronik Christmas Fair Ferris Wheel

First up is this solder-free ferris wheel: laser-cut out of 5mm perspex and using acrylic rods to secure the parts in place, it rotates using a stepper motor.


Kitronik Christmas Fair Helter Skelter

Next up is the ZIP LED Helter Skelter: This one's a bit more complex - you'll need your soldering skills to connect the strips of LEDs together, but it gives off a great effect.


Kitronik Christmas Fair Bandstand and Stalls

Last but not least is the Bandstand and Stalls: A nice and simple bandstand with rocking musicians and a market stall (make however many you like!).

If these aren't enough to wet your whistle, Kitronik have plenty more projects in their back catalogue to get you going. Check out their 12 Makes of Christmas Advent Calendar from 2017 and their 2016 Christmas Project Ideas