Laser Cut Wire Inlay

After watching a tutorial on wire inlay and realising that it was a very time intensive process, watchmeflyy wanted to simplify that process; and with access to a laser cutter, it was a no-brainer!

Simplified wire inlay on wood

Watchmeflyy experimented with both vector cuts and raster engraves to figure out the best method to etch the grooves into the wood. Raster engraving was chosen for this purpose, as it was the easier method to fine tune. Her experiments with vector cuts often resulted in too much scorching, or even cutting all the way through the wood. With a little patience when experimenting with the layering of the cuts and the power and speed settings, this could prove to be a quicker method for etching the grooves into your piece.

Simplified wire inlay on wood

Head over to the Instructables project page, where watchmeflyy walks you through the entire design process - from drawing the designs to laser cutting the wood, through to cutting, shaping and laying the wire.

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