Heatwaves & Laser Cutters

The UK is in the midst of a glorious heatwave, and sunburn isn't the only thing we have to worry about at Smoke & Mirrors HQ. As we all know, laser cutters are temperature sensitive machines, and many people are experiencing issues with laser power drop off and overheating.

Optimal temperatures for laser cutters tend to be in the range of 15C - 25C (always check with the manufacturer for your specific machine), and the standard chiller shipped with hobby sized laser cutters are generally ambient chillers (or alternatively, a bucket of water) - meaning that they can only cool your laser tube to room temperature. This is fine on your average day, but completely unhelpful when temperatures hit either extreme. 

If you're unable to keep your laser cutter in a temperature controlled room, it may be best to not run it until the temperature drops. If using a bucket or other reservoir, avoid putting ice in there as this could cause thermal shock and crack your tube. If you absolutely need to run your machine, do so for shorter periods of time and please get in touch for advice.