Game Burger Advance

Love Hultén specialises in crafting one-off and limited run retro-inspired games consoles, arcade machines and other electronic toys. His most recent creation is the Game Burger Advance.

Game Burger Advance by Love Hultén

It's very rare for him to upload a making-of video, so we were excited to learn that this was laser cut! Lasered from what appears to be MDF, he glued stacks together to create the buns and patty, then sanded them smooth & spray painted them. The console is a Raspberry Pi, likely running RetroPie (Unfortunately he doesn't provide a materials/parts list so we've had to make some guesses).

 It's a short video, but it goes a long way to show just what you can achieve with your own laser cut projects (we have to admit when we first saw the thumbnail we assumed it was 3D printed!).

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