Fume Extractor

Since picking up soldering a few years ago, Badar has been looking for the perfect solution to dealing with the fumes. First starting with a fan, he didn't like the cold air blowing on his face, so he started looking at extractors. Unhappy with other ready-made products and other DIYs, he decided it would be best to build his own high powered version.

Badar's Fume Extractor

Utilising a fan that is typically installed in large servers, Badar's extractor is capable of shifting large amounts of air, swiftly whipping solder fumes away from your work area. Whilst this would be functional as it is, Badar opted to laser cut a stand, to give the appearance of a finished product.

If you want to build your own fume extractor, head to the Instructable to get the parts list, files, and instructions. You can also follow Badar's Worksop on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.