From Russia, With Love

The Hacksmith has been wanting to build some form of laser blaster for a few years now, even buying a couple of spare 80W C02 laser tubes for the project. With a push from employee Bogdan, they decided to go all out and make a fully working particle cannon from the game Overwatch.

Fully working Overwatch Zarya Particle Canon

Kitted out with a plasma globe to mimic the glowing orb at the back of the in-game weapon, they fixed an 80W c02 tube inside the 3D printed shell, along with the PSU and a pc cooling system. They use a blue laser as an aiming dot to assist in firing. In the game, players are able to leave a tag on the battlefield, and they decided to incorporate that into the weapon by adding an aperture that allows them to burn a logo into some wood!

Check out the first video below, but make sure to visit their channel to see the rest of the series