Festive Stamps for Winter!

We prepared a little tutorial on making your own lasercut stamps using LightBurn. Be it for any occasion or reason, stamps are fun in every case!

... Just make sure you always mirror them before lasering, especially if the design has text!

In LightBurn, you can make a negative of the stamp by adding an "enclosure" around your pattern. If you make square shaped stamps, or round ones, this is easily done by using the shape tools from the left sidebar. 



Don't forget to mirror the text and any non-symmetrical designs! 
It is up to your material what sort of cut settings to use, but the rule of thumb is that the stamp design must always be as high as your material integrity allows to prevent unwanted artefacts in the prints.


You can download the project files here!
The snowflakes and branches designs were downloaded from Freepik.com


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Happy making!