Face Shields for COVID-19

At Smoke & Mirrors we've not been resting whilst on lockdown in the UK. Though we can currently only support our customers with spare parts by post, online and telephone support, we can support our front-line healthcare workers with PPE! 

Following a request to my local Hackerspace from the Nottingham City GP Alliance via Dr M Ghandi aka Dr Gandalf we've been able to consider the materials and tools available to us, and with the help of long time collaborators Kitronik a design for laser cut polypropylene sheet has been developed. At the moment Kitronik have lots of PP for you to order (please don't order it all).. but you'll need to source your own PVC A4 sheets!

We've been hosting the file and a forum thread over at our sister-site community.andmirrors.co.uk and follow the COVID-19 PPE thread. In addition to laser cut face shields we've been utilising our 3D printer to make the PRUSA RC3 face shield too. 

Both designs use an A4 PVC sheet (not to be put into the laser cutter) and a hole punch to create a functional if not rather ad-hoc shield. Smoke & Mirrors has also made a video about the shield which can be found below!