Engraved Map End Tables

Epilog Lasers are continuously putting out great projects for you to laser cut at home, the most recent of which is this fantastic IKEA Lack table upgrade.

Laser Engraved Map End Tables

If you currently don't own one, it's highly likely you have in the past; these cheap tables are pretty ubiquitous these days! They're functional but bland, but that's easy enough to rectify with a laser cutter. There are so many ways to personalise these with maps of hometowns, birthplaces, the city you met, where you honeymooned, etc. Epilog walk you through how to create your custom map on either CorelDRAW or Adobe Illustrator by first getting your map image from Snazzy Maps. It would also be easy enough to do this in Inkscape.

Check out the video of them engraving their tables below, and head to their Youtube channel to check out more of their great projects