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Diffraction Grating Kaleidoscope

Playing with a kaleidoscope was always a lot of fun as a kid, but when was the last time you picked one up and gave it a spin? If you're anything like us then the answer is probably "not in a long time!". Well, Jonathan Bumstead is giving us a big hit of nostalgia with this diffraction grating kaleidoscope.

Diffraction Grating Kaleidoscope by Jonathan Bumstead

To get it out of the way: no, strictly speaking, this is not a kaleidoscope. Kaleidoscopes utilise mirrors to reflect symmetrical images. Instead of mirrors, this tool uses diffraction grating lenses to disperse light into a spectrum and diffract it into beautiful patterns.

Diffraction Grating Kaleidoscope by Jonathan Bumstead

The chassis is easy to construct, simply stack the layers of plywood between the 3 arms. The lenses are mounted inside wheel assemblies, and any surfaces that come into contact with them are coated in wax to allow for easy spinning. Once everything has been slotted together you should be good to go! Check it out in action below, and head over to the Instructable to find the files and detailed build instructions.