Custom Monopoly Boards

After getting their Glowforge and being inspired by the many people on the Glowforge forums making their own custom boardgames, MichaelMikkelson wanted to make their own custom Star Wars Monopoly board.

Custom Monopoly Board

After finding multiple resources and templates for making custom boards, they ended up redrawing it from scratch, as nothing was accurate enough to be laser cut. This also gave the opportunity to draw it in 2 halves to allow them to fold the board up for storage (and to fit on the laser bed). To further theme the board, they extended the theme to include the property cards, chance and community chest cards, the tokens and money.

They go into great depth explaining how they customised each piece, and provided blank templates so that you can make your own with whatever theme you like. They have also made a summer camp themed board to be auctioned off at a fundraiser.

Custom Monopoly Boards

Want to make your own The entire process has been documented over on Instructables, including the blank templates to add whatever theme you want!