Creeper Detector

For a few years, John Allwine used to work with the Children's Museum of Bozeman to develop curriculum for their STEAMLab. Always on the hunt for projects to get kids into electronics and programming, he developed a kit that would integrate into Minecraft. Depending on their interests, they could program the kit to control their character, trigger and respond to Redstone signals, or flash LEDs to alert them to various events. The tutorial he has shared is a Creeper alert system.

Minecraft Creeper Detector

The project shared today is a Creeper detector using an 8 LED Neopixel stick to indicate proximity to a Creeper. When all LEDs are off, it indicates there are no Creepers within a 32 block radius; when all LEDs are lit, it means there is a Creeper within the 3 block detonation zone. Anything in between gives an estimate of how close the Creeper is.

The Instructable provides all the details, from the shopping list, to building the electronics and programming the Arduino. It also includes all the files to laser cut and etch the case.

John Allwine Is a software developer and visual effects artist. You can find more of his projects on his blog, and over on Instructables. You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube