As their electromechanical design capstone project, Taylor Tabb, Evan Hill and Mitchell Riek built a fully automated grilled cheese maker dubbed Cheeseborg.

Cheeseborg: The Grilled Cheese Robot

Cheeseborg's one purpose? To make the best grilled cheese it possibly can! Housed in a laser-cut enclosure, Cheeseborg utilises 7 subsystems to automate the process:

  1. Bread dispenser
  2. Cheese dispenser
  3. Vacuum lifting to assemble the sandwich
  4. Spray butter on the grill
  5. Loading the sandwich onto the grill
  6. Grill control system
  7. Dispensing the completed grilled cheese

To top it all off, they also integrated Google Assistant, so that you can ask “Hey Google, make me a grilled cheese, please.” to ensure the entire process is hands-free. All of the mechanisms are controlled by an Arduino Mega, whilst Google Assistant is running on a Raspberry Pi 3b.

 Check out the video to see Cheeseborg in action! You can also read the writeups on both Taylor and Evan's websites.