Captain America's Infinity War Shield

Based on a lot of his previous projects, it was pretty much inevitable that The Hacksmith would be planning to tackle some of the props from the latest Marvel movie offering, and this shield from Infinity War is pretty impressive! It also proves how important laser cutting and 3D printing can be to the design process, even if they aren't used for the finished piece.

Captain America's Infinity War Shield MDF prototype

 Tracing from a screenshot of the trailer in Solidworks, The Hacksmith spent a total of 30 hours designing and tweaking this shield. To begin with, he laser cut a cardboard prototype using 3D printed rails as a proof of concept, before graduating to an MDF build. Once he was happy with the build he was then finally able to move onto plasma cutting the metal components.

Between the 30 hours of CAD design, to the hundreds of hours spent building both the prototypes and the finished piece, this is definitely an impressive build. I would recommend watching the entire video, and subscribing to make sure you catch the follow-up where he gets to smash the crap out of some stuff with it!

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