Bricolage Podcast

Did you know that our Dominic has a podcast? In the latest episode, he talks to William Osman and Cameraman John about how long they've been making videos together (10 years, although you won't find the old stuff on YouTube!), and how life and the channel have changed since William's house burned down in the Ventura County wildfires of December 2017.

They also talk about William's current Laser cutter setup (a tiny Full Spectrum Hobby), and his plans for upgrading to a larger one once he has the space for it. They also touch on some of the great collabs William has been a part of, like turning Simone Giertz's car into a computer mouse.

Give the podcast a listen over on the official website, you can also catch it on iTunes. You can also follow Bricolage on Twitter and Instagram to get updates.

You can find William Osman on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.