Bricolage Interviews Rob Ives

We've talked on the blog before about the Bricolage Podcast, made by our own Dominic. The latest episode features an interview with paper engineer Rob Ives, originally conducted at the Centre for Life UK Maker Faire in April 2018.

In it, Rob details how he first started experimenting with paper crafts and mechanical joints as a teacher, and even offering advice to anyone who is looking to move out of teaching and into the maker world. He also talks about his past 20 years of being a maker; from early inspirations to current events, groups and fellow makers that continue to help him grow and learn, and how he deals with maker block and what helps him to concentrate.

You can listen to the full interview on the Bricolage website, and you can also find it on iTunes. You can find information on all of Rob's projects on his website. You can also follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.