6 Great Materials For Laser Cutting


When it comes to laser cutting there are so many materials out there it might leave you in a bit of a spin as to where to start. That’s why we’ve made this list of our top ten materials for laser cutting and the advantages of each one.

1. Cardboard – although one of the most inexpensive materials on the market this handy little material is perfect for things like early prototypes or packaging projects. Because it’s so easy to paint and join together it also lends itself really nicely to craft or children’s projects. We absolutely love this cardboard Christmas Tree by CardboardChristmas. Cardboard also has the added advantage of being recyclable and bio-degradable.



 2. Acrylic – is a really versatile material coming in hundreds of different colour and thickness combinations. It has a quality look and finish, you can achieve a high level of detail, it engraves well and is affordable. All of these advantages make it great for jewellery, hardware/electronic enclosures, signage, ornaments and wall art. Although this Flamingo Necklace from Little Moose might not be to everyone’s taste we love the level of detail and you have to admit it’s an impressive piece!


laser cut acrylic necklace

3. Bamboo – although this is more expensive than wood it gives a really high quality look and finish and  is a renewable resource which has become a popular sales point over the last few years. It’s suited to jewellry, coasters, clocks, ornaments, picture frames, boxes and wall art. Cachiko has a great range of laser cut and engraved picture frames.




4. Felt – is great for making things like  jewelry, coasters, trivets, crafts and ornaments. It’s a fully renewable source, comes in a large range of colours and thicknesses and your projects will have a high quality finish. These placemats from KreativDesignCo are a perfect example of what can be achieved with laser cut felt.


laser cut felt placemants


5. Cork – things have come a long way since old fashioned boring corks boards thanks to the help of laser cutting, this Death Star by MaddisonCherie is the perfect gift for any Star Wars fan. Cork is a flexible, renewable material source that lends itself well to coasters, crafts, kids projects and pin boards.


laser cut cork board


6. Leather – this is one of the more expensive materials that you can laser cut the results that you can use but the results that can be achieved are astounding. This leather bag from Selfridges is a prime example of the high quality finish that can be achieved.


laser cut leather bag