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5 Laser Cut Valentine's Gift Ideas

After what feels like the longest January in history, it's finally February; which can only mean one thing! It's now 2 weeks until Valentine's day, so I've put together a list of a few projects you can make for your significant other.

1. Jewelry

Laser cut jewelry ideas

Make a statement with this nameplate necklace. Customise it with their name, a pet name, or even an in-joke! Alternatively, create your own patterned jewelry - great for pendants, earrings and brooches!

2. Gift Boxes

Laser cut gift box

If you were planning to bake homemade treats, why not go the extra mile and laser cut individualised gift boxes?

3. Anatomical Heart Vase

Anatomical heart vase

Add a touch of realism to your Valentine's gift with this anatomical heart vase, which beautifully displays your bouquet of roses!

4. Light Up Picture Box

Light up picture box

You don't need to have custom artwork to be able to make this beautiful lightbox, you could simply trace one of your favourite photos for this unique gift.

5. Fairytale Puzzle Book Proposal

Fairytale story proposal with puzzles

Ok, so you probably need more than 2 weeks to put this bad boy together, but I just had to include this on the list! If you're planning to propose, then why not make this beautiful customised puzzle book? It would make such a wonderful keepsake.