SOLO-SE Laser Cutter Ex-Display

SOLO-SE Laser Cutter Ex-Display

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Solo is an entry-level laser cutter & engraver aimed at first time users as well as hobbyists and light industry; these systems are highly capable for processing thin-to-medium sheet, engraving and intricate/detail work.

Kent Lasers' unique air-cooled laser technology is built into the machine, meaning no external hardware is required for cooling the "core" of the laser. i.e. no chiller or bucket with pump is required, this system has a closed loop of coolant making the machines footprint small.

Solo features a 600x310mm working area, with maximum 30mm material processing thickness. Down-draft bed removes fumes and contamination at source, leaving beautifully cut items. Air assist nozzle is also included with external air pump. 

This machine was built for testing and trial and has been used for some engraving at a trade show. No more than 3 hours total work done, essentially this machine is brand new. 

It has had a steel honeycomb upgrade, so has a different, removable bed to that shown in the pictures. It has a 750mm tube which provides 35W with 40W peak. It is ideal as a desktop machine for a workshop, office or design studio. Great for prototyping work. 

The machine come with a warranty and support from Kent Laser and Smoke & Mirrors. A full range of spares is available. This machine was designed and built in the United Kingdom. Pictures are for illustrative purposes. Price does not include delivery. 

Email for details, questions and quotes using the form below. 

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