Smoke & Mirrors GWK6040 A2 60W Laser Cutter

Smoke & Mirrors GWK6040 A2 60W Laser Cutter

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The GWK6040 A2 Laser Cutter is a best seller and a true all rounder, favoured by hobbyists, schools and workshops alike, it provides a working area able to accommodate the most commonly available material sizes. 

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The GWK6040 comes with LASERCUT 5.3 software and control via the LEETRO 6515 controller card and is compatible with the Windows 10 operating system. It is capable of importing files in the .DXF format from most CAD software including 2D Design, Illustrator, CorelDraw etc.

GWK6040 A2 Laser Cutter is a highly capable machine suitable for architects, designers, acrylic jewelery making, railway modelling, tabletop gaming, schools, prototyping houses as well as Makerspaces and Hackerspaces.


  • Cooling: S&A CW5200 Industrial chiller for active cooling
  • Air Assistance: 160W Air Pump provides 150L per minute of air
  • Power: Yongli C1200-C 60W CO2 tube with 60W PSU
  • Extraction: 700W extractor fan for venting via your 150mm extraction point.


  • Bed-size cutting area 600mm x 400mm (slightly reduced for etching)
  • External Length 1.36m x Height 1.07m x Width 0.88m
  • Narrowest Dimension 88cm (check your doors & corridors etc)
  • Machine Weight 170Kg (375lbs - weight of 2 men)

If external venting is not possible and filtration is required we recommend the BOFA AD500IQ for use with this laser cutter (quotes on request). The more economic AD Oracle IQ is also capable of filtering this machine.

Support, training, servicing and repair on this machine are quoted separately. Machine has a one year manufacturer's warranty. Machine is sold subject to terms and conditions. This laser cutter is CE marked by the manufacturer. 

Item does not including shipping a quote can be provided for delivery with installation by sending your address via the contact form below. UK ONLY!

 £4300 PRICE INCLUDES THE VAT (£3583.33 exc VAT)

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