Pro Quality 25mm Mo Molybdenum based Mirror

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Standard Molybdenum (Mo) based mirror. 

Overall diameter: 25mm 

Thickness: 3mm

Most Chinese built laser cutters ship with Molybdenum mirrors. These Mo mirrors come vacuum sealed from the manufacturer and are ideal for all types of CO2 laser cutter up to 150W.

Associated machines: 

Just Add Sharks Ltd Greyfin A2 60W, Whitetooth A1 and Silvertail A0 80W. 

Most laser cutters of 60W - 150W



What is the difference between the pro & economy mirrors. 

The simple answer is price. The pro mirrors are better packaged and manufactured to a higher standard and reflect (no pun intended) the quality required for professional laser cutting. 

What is the difference between Molybdenum and Silicone based mirrors?

Molybdenum (Mo) mirrors are more durable than silicone (Si) mirrors but have a slightly lower reflective index. Mo mirrors maybe most suited to laser cutters with poor maintenance regimes. 

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