CO2 10.64μm Laser Power Sensor for Arduino

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This power sensor is an accessory for Arduino and similar micro controllers. The kit includes the power sensor and a cable to connect it to an Arduino. It does not include an Arduino or a micro controller. 

Our Power Sensor is an affordable piece of kit to check your infrared 10.64μm CO2 laser tube. This allows laser cutter owners and hobbyists to measure the power in Watts of their CO2 laser cutter keeping track of it's power over time.

This Sensor is part of an ongoing project that later will include the option to output to a display. The kit includes a cable for JST SM connection.

The calibration data is stored onboard the sensor and written on a sleeve on the cable. This sensor is intended as a project for self-builders, modders and laser cutter enthusiasts with more than a basic knowledge of electronics and Arduino. 

We recommend that this product is used with 10.64μm Laser Safety Googles available here:

10.64μm Laser Safety Goggles

For more information you can access the projects GIT pages here:

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