Taco Stands

As someone who enjoys a taco or two, I've yet to bother making them at home. Despite being pretty simple to make and put together, they're also just enough of a faff that I've never tried.

52 Lasers' taco stands

There has been no such issue in the 52 Lasers household. Despite the mess and burnt fingers, they still eat them on the regular! As anyone with a laser cutter could probably figure out, they've known for a while exactly what to do to improve the experience; it's just taken them a while to get to making.

52 Lasers' taco stands

Designed with their specific plate and taco amounts in mind, Ryan was able to throw the design together nice and quick, laser cutting it out of a rather fetching neon pink acrylic. He describes the design process over on the blog post, so it would be pretty simple to replicate them to fit your own plate size/portions.

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