Stick with Smoke & Mirrors!

We’re very proud of our selection of stickers here at Smoke & Mirrors. We like to have lots of different stickers that we like to share with our customers as a little treat inside their store orders of mirrors, lenses and CO2 laser tubes. We’re always sure to take a stack of our safety stickers when we do a service visit too. 

Recently we decided to make a special sticker to reflect the difficult times we are all in with the pandemic. Many laser cutters owners joined 3D printer tinkerers to help ease the COVID19 PPE shortages, being able to help at this time was of course its own reward. But we felt here at Smoke & Mirrors that many hard working laser cutters and their operators deserved a little bit of bling for their machines, so that, one day, when we look back at 2020 we can remember what our laser cutters did to help out! 
We try and introduce some new stickers from time to time. Most recently we’ve commissioned a sticker to celebrate the (perhaps rather dubious) love tinkerers have for their K40 cutters! 

Why not find ways for your customers to celebrate their love of what they do with stickers too? After all it’s healthier to include a sticker in an order than a tiny sugary bag of Haribo (yes we all love Haribo AND stickers too). 
We have two strategic partners in the delivery of our high quality stickers. First we love graphic design and we like to go to local small businesses like Lydia at up the road in Sheffield. Lydia created all the artwork for Smoke & Mirrors as well as our logo (it’s Chinese for SMOKE MIRRORS LASERS). 

Then for our high quality stickers​, as well as efficiency, a good price and speed, we use Sticker Mule, an EU based producer. We love how many different options they have as well as how easy it is to load the artwork up to the site. They’re super quick at proofing and have never quibbled over my adjustments. Stickers come quickly via UPS and I even get a text message for tracking.

If you’d like to make an order of stickers with Stickermule, I have a referral code that will get you an £8 discount on your first order too, just email me and let me know you’re interested!